With personalized medicine a reality and technological advances enabling us to diagnose and treat our patients in more complex ways, a sound understanding of radiation and cancer biology will be crucial in order to address some of our clinical concerns. Don't we owe it to the future of our professions to have our students receive the training they want and need, and from a dedicated, experienced teaching professional unhindered by the competing demands of clinical practice, research or administrative service?

Raw Data Services offers custom-designed radiation biology lectures, lecture modules or complete courses, delivered by a classically-trained radiation biologist and award-winning educator.  Comprehensive handout materials accompanying each lecture topic are also available, covering all aspects of radiation and cancer biology as they relate to the practices of radiation oncology, medical imaging, medical physics, radiologic technology, radiation therapy and medical dosimetry. Ideal for medical or veterinary resident training, especially in preparation for national written board exams; for radiation physicists seeking board eligibility; for biomedical researchers new to the field of radiation biology; or for other radiologic science professionals or trainees interested in both an historical perspective and an update on recent developments in the fields of radiation and cancer biology.


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